Monday, May 4, 2009

I need a camera!!!!

Hey everyone!

So as the title of this post says, yeah I'm kind of in a predicament. So moving is all over now, I'm almost settled in my new place (I've got loads of stuff that need unpacking), but I'm for the most part ready to do a video or at least some FOTDs and hauls. But since I moved, I haven't been able to find my camera charger. BUMMER.

And I've gotten some new stuff too that I really wanna show you guys! I got some new stuff from Coastal Scents (brushes, lip smacks, etc.) and also some stuff from Ulta! I've been itching to take pics and tell you guys what I think, but the sans camera is not helping. I usually use my bf's camera to record vids, but he has it. As for my camera, I need the damn charger!! *sigh* I tried doing a product review today using my laptop webcam, but that was an epic fail. You couldn't see the swatches at all =(

I'm trying to get my bf to bring over his camera so I can start making vids, but that probably won't be for days considering how forgetful he is -_- Anyways, as for my hiatus from youtube (which hopefully will end soon, not so much of a hiatus then huh lol), it's been allowing me to practice and play around with my makeup. Especially because I get a little more time before school, I get to put on even just a little makeup. What bums me out though is that I can't spend any more money on makeup till next month since I have a dance competition coming up that I need to save up for. Yay for dance competition though! I'm excited!

Well I guess that's all for now. Sorry no hauls or FOTDs! I'll definitely try to get a vid up soon. Just wanted to say hi to everyone =)



  1. Hey :)

    Hopefully you can do videos pretty soon! Always something goes missing when you move! ugh!

  2. awww, hopefully we see videos from you soon :) i'd die without a camera! D: