Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Coastal Scents and Ulta Haul!

Hi everyone! So my bf brought his camera over so I can start making videos again! I actually just recorded a tutorial so that will probably be up by tomorrow. For now, I just wanted to do a haul showing you what I've gotten in the past couple of weeks. Not too many stuff I think =). Let's start with Coastal Scents.
So I ordered the Brush Guard (variety pack) and I have to say that they do work wonders! After watching xsparkage's video about the brush guards, I've been putting my brushes into the brush guard after I clean them. Love it! I also got two Lip Smacks: Oasis and Coral Funk. And then I got two brushes: the pointed dome blush brush and the deluxe fan brush. Both brushes are great!Here are the swatches of the Lip Smacks. For Oasis, I think little goes a long way so you really don't need to apply too much. As for Coral Funk, I'm really loving this color! It's not too sheer and the color is just gorgeous! That's all I got from Coastal Scents (they were having a 15% sale so I had to take advantage for it). Moving on! I also went to Ulta last week to take advantage of the Mother's Day Sale (ends May 10). Coincidentally, that day was the worst day ever and I was really wanting some retail therapy. Yay!

First I got Cover Girl's Tinted Moisturizer in Light to Medium (SPF 15!). Then I bought two NYX jumbo pencils; one in Milk, the other in Black Bean. These things crease like crazy but I'm really liking Milk as a base for a brow highlight. Then I picked up Revlon's Contour Shadow Brush. Then I got an NYC loose powder for setting my liquid foundation.

I've been told that this is a good alternative to the MAC 217, especially if you feel the 217 is too big. I think it's a pretty decent brush for $7, but it sheds quite often.

And lastly, I finally got a lighted mirror! The lighted mirrors at Ulta were 20% so I definitely had to pick one up. This mirror ended up costing $15, not bad! It only has one light setting, but it works fine for me. Loving this mirror! Yay for extra lighting!
So that's all for my little haul. I should be posting a product review and a tutorial soon, so keep posted! Hope you're all having a great week =)


  1. nice haul! i'm liking that fan brush from CS. it's so cute! lol.

    and i like coral funk, so pretty. i agree that the NYX jumbo pencils crease like hell, but i still use 'em. esp. MILK. i need to get me black bean. that revlon brush looks good. i need me a lighted mirror! hehe.

  2. hmmm, i'm thinking of getting that contour brush. and OMG i've been meaning to get a lighted mirror like that ! i shall stop by ulta tomorrow after my last class :)

  3. Nice haul! Can't wait for the video :)