Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sephora Haul + Updates

Here I'm wearing "Pillow Talk" on top of "Sex Machine"
Hi all! Last Friday, I stopped by Sephora to take advantage of the Beauty Insider 15% off discount. I was so excited, especially because I've been saving up on my first NARS purchase. Yayy!! I wanted to get more stuff, but with the sales tax up and being the college student that I am, I set a limit for myself.
Link to the video:

Besides my haul, I explained in my video that I'm going on a hiatus for a couple of weeks. I'm currently moving to a new place and I know a couple of midterms are coming up soon, so I'll be pretty busy. So I won't be making tutorials for a while till I get everything all settled. I'm planning to put all my makeup on my desk so I can actually do tutorials sitting on a chair (I usually sit on my bed by the window), but I have yet to get all that stuff organized. I'm also saving up on a lighted mirror, suggestions on where to get a cheap one? I hear Conair has some good ones.

Anywhoz, I'll probably update this blog a couple of times during my YT hiatus, in case I pick up some new makeup during that time. Till then,

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  1. Hey! I really want to try out Nars too. Bad thing is that they don't sell Nars in my country. But there's always the internet. I put a few Nars products on a wishlist, hope I get some on my birthday. Anyways I hope your move goes smoothly. Check out my new blog: :)