Saturday, March 7, 2009

March 3's LOTD!!

I've been so ridiculously busy lately! Just when I thought midterms are over, the next round is coming up in a week. School's just getting harder as senior year approaches. Yikes! So tanyas247 from youtube tagged me in a "What's in my purse?" video so last Tuesday (March 3) I recorded the video, but I still haven't gotten it up! I also took some pictures for my LOTD, which I also never got the chance to put up =/. Hopefully if I have time I'll get my next tutorial up, but I've got loads of homework.

Anywhoz, this past LOTD was actually inspired by Adriana Lima (Victoria Secret model). I was looking at the W magazine and I saw her ad for Guess Jeans and I just loved her makeup!
This wasn't the exact ad I saw, but in this picture she's wearing the same makeup. There's another picture where it's a close-up of her face, but I can't find any online. I noticed the lashes definitely dramatized the look and I wanted to make it wearable for the daytime =)

I lessened the liner and didn't put on any falsies to tone down the look. Unfortunately I didn't have the lipstick shade she had on, so I just used what I had.
Main things used:
Coastal Scents 78 Palette (silver, dark gray, and light blue e/s)
NYX Walnut e/s
Clinique Black Icicle Duo
NYC Retro Red lipstick
MAC Deep Attraction lipstick
L'oreal HIP Turbulent lip gloss


  1. What a beautiful look! Your eyes are so pretty