Saturday, February 14, 2009

MAC, Sephora, and Coastal Scents Haul!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Alright, so recently I've gotten some new things to add to my still growing collection. Most of the stuff I bought I based on necessity so I tried real hard not to get anything I won't use! Let's start with brushes: From L to R: Contour Angle brush, Synthetic e/s brush, Deluxe shadow brush (huge!), and Mini Chisel Detail brush. Those came from Coastal Scents and they're all great! The next brush is just a smudge brush from Sephora and then MAC's 217. I used all of them already and I'm seriously loving it. I'm so glad I finally got a 217! Works wonders!

I also went to Sephora and while my friend was getting her makeup done, I decided to get the concealer palette from Makeup For Ever (No. 4). I've been wanting and needing this for a while now so I decided to get it after saving some dough. Along with the smudge brush and a cologne for my boyfriend, I spent enough to get an insider card and a free gift. The free gift I chose was the Givenchy Foundation Primer. Yay! And now for the main reason I went to Mac yesterday:

So my Valentine's gift from my boyfriend was pretty great this year! He surprised me with the tiny Hello Kitty case from MAC and when I opened it, there was a gift card! This is the first time he ever got me makeup, so that's pretty cool too. I didn't know how much was in the gift card though. So when I went to MAC, I first got my 217 brush, and then one of the MA's helped me out with getting some stuff from the HK collection. I already had my mind set on Too Dolly, which I LOVE by the way! I did a smokey eye last night using Romping (the purple-ish pink e/s) and it turned out great (I wish I had pics). And I was debating on whether to get a blush or lipgloss, but went with the blush instead because I loved how it showed up on my skin. So at the register I found out the gift card had $70 in it! So generous! I couldn't thank him enough. Oh and of course, I got the free HK bag =)

So that's it! I'm glad I stuck to my plan with only 2 items from the collection, I'm nearly broke! Ah, now I will save up for the next best thing on my list.


  1. Nice hauls! How is the mini chisel brush? Is it worth getting?

  2. Nice haul

    how sweet of ur bf^_^

  3. Thanks! I think the mini chisel brush was like $2. As for its worth, I like it a lot because it makes doing details so much easier (e.g. apply e/s on lower lash line). I usually use my Loew Cornell 1/4 inch brush, but I it was a little prickly. If you do a lot of detailing in tiny areas, then yes it is worth getting!