Saturday, February 21, 2009

LOTD: Hello Kitty Romping + updates

Hey all. As I'm waiting for a friend to pick me up for a party (and honestly I'm pretty tired), I thought I'd post an LOTD and some updates. Well here's my LOTD:

Main things used:
MAC HK Romping e/s
Sephora Midnight Black e/s
MAC Vanilla Pigment
MAC Wonderstuck Lustreglass
Jane Not So Innocent Pink lipstick

I don't wanna do a tutorial on this mainly because everyone's been posting their versions of Hello Kitty looks. So this is just to share what I came up with I guess. Anywhoz, more to important stuff.

For those who have subscribed to my youtube channel, you'll notice I haven't been posting any tutorials lately. I've been so swamped with school that I'm either too tired or I just don't have the time to record a video. I just took one of my midterms today (a Saturday!) and I still have one more, with a minimum 5 page short story on the side. Lots of stuff to do! I am hoping to get my next tutorial on by next week though! It will be a viewer request for the Video Game Heroines Series. The heroine will be Nina Williams from the Tekken games.

So that's all for now. I seriously need to get some sleep, I almost feel too tired to party hardy LOL. Heh that's college.



  1. Pretty!! You are gorgeous, especially your eyes!

  2. This is a gorgeous look. And as for tutorials on YT, take your time. I don't want you stressing on tutorials. Good luck on all your assignments and tests.